Climbing the mountain

A coach will impact more people in one year than the average person will in an entire lifetime.

Billy Graham, Evangelist 

Project Touchline is developing new pathways to grow children’s Christian spirituality and understanding of the Christian Faith through sport and outside sport. Every school we work with we are making connections where we are able with the local church and diocese. Our whole vision is shaped by Chris Andrew and others who pray and offer support. John Cowen, a Reader/Licensed Lay Minister in the Diocese of Gloucester has been especially supportive strategically and as a true guide and friend from the start. There is a prayerful call that together we are attempting great things for God.

When Chris Andrew was commissioned as an Archbishops’ Evangelist, Archbishop Justin spoke about the way that as Archbishops’ Evangelists we are like Sherpas, going before and climbing the mountain for others to follow. May God bless this work that he has given Project Touchline and Chris Andrew to undertake in his name. Amen.