Project Touchline has developed and established new pathways to plant and grow prayer clubs in school where children’s spirituality and understanding of the Christian faith can flourish. We do this through them accessing progressive, exciting and fun games through PE/Sport and Collective Worship which leads to a deeper physical and spiritual engagement where wisdom, knowledge and understanding is acquired.

A coach will impact more people in one year than the average person will in an entire lifetime.

Billy Graham, Evangelist 

They then choose  ‘to play or pray’ during lunchtime and develop their spirituality and prayer life further. This faith formation can be led by local church and diocese and can lead to baptism, confirmation and attendance at church with their family for the first time. Our programmes are deeply Christian, with the centrality of inclusivity and equality at the heart and core of everything we do. We believe this is God’s work and it his will. When we partner with a church we aspire to build trust and more loving relationships between schools, churches and dioceses.

It is about Growing faith together.

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