On 5th February 2019, the Right Reverend Robert Springett, Bishop of Tewkesbury visited Chris Andrew at Ann Cam C of E Primary School, Dymock, Gloucester to see first hand the impact that Project Touchline is having in schools in the Diocese of Gloucester.

“A wonderful and inspiring afternoon” + Robert

“The sessions are fun and dynamic and the children really enjoy them. They are learning key skills that are covered in the PE curriculum including both physical and cognitive skills. As well as this, every session is turned into an act of collective worship, through an opportunity at the start and end of the session for reflective prayer which is directly linked to the values that have been taught before and during the session. It is perfect for children to learn what values such as, trust, compassion, courage and friendship look like through sport because it is done in a way where they can relate to it and get a lot of enjoyment from it. This way, children make the connections between learning about the value during collective worship and what that value looks like in practice in their own world. I have noticed individual children, who previously would have been unable to deal with setbacks, losing or perceived unfairness show resilience and actively engage with sport in a positive way as well as beginning to communicate effectively with their peers and work together as a team.”

Miss Vanessa Ball KS1 Lead Teacher PE Co-ordinator at Ann Cam C of E Primary School

  • Collective Worship through Sport
  • CPD for Teachers 
  • High Quality Sport
  • Life Coaching through the School’s Values
  • Class Management 
  • Teaching the Christian Faith
  • Transforming and Pioneering