As a professional Rugby/Cricket Coach, Archbishops’ Evangelist and Lay (Reader) Minister, I have developed a successful blueprint which has a strong and successful backbone to speed up and make incredible, inspiring changes through sport in peoples understanding and awakening of the Christian faith and a sense of God working in their lives. This involves working with children and young people initially in a Church of England school setting for a period of 6 – 12 weeks. This is currently funded by school as part of their vision and values development through Collective Worship/RE and PE. It is through this window that many exciting opportunities for local church can and do happen and where we both look to develop an ongoing legacy when the programme ends. This is all about individual choice through sport, testimony and the overwhelming love of God seen in others and experienced by those who take part.

What we do with that awakening as a church will be our legacy?

Chris and the Bishop of Tewkesbury at Ann Cam C of E Primary School, Dymock, Gloucestershire in the Diocese of Gloucester.

“Wonderful and inspiring…” Bishop Robert