“The ultimate goal for Christian educators is to seek shalom.”

Nicholas Wolterstorff  Philosopher 

‘Shalom’ is a biblical vision of what God wants for humans and can be defined as flourishing in the enjoyment of relationships: with self, others, creation and with God. This is a helpful image when we consider the importance of mental health and wellbeing as part of a holistic vision for education. (Mental Health and Wellbeing: Towards a Whole School Approach – 2018, Church of England Education Office)

Nurturing the health and wellbeing of pupils is a key facet and outcome of all Project Touchline programmes. We strive to provide a holistic way of supporting children and young people to establish good habits and approaches to keeping well through a Christian understanding of developing their spirituality and faith.

Project Touchline helps equip young people to navigate and enjoy good relationships through learning how to live the schools values through sport and a key factor of the programme is supporting their mental health and wellbeing. We teach justice on the paying field through rugby, cricket and hockey and the importance of challenging injustice when it occurs. We help support the new SIAMS framework which calls for pupils to develop courageous advocacy and to see themselves as agents of change, making the world we live in a better place for everyone.

We help children to understand through working in teams on the playing field that we were created to live in community with others. We develop the core biblical principle in 1 Corinthians chapter 12 when St Paul uses the image of a body to express how a community only functions well through recognising the different skills within it and being interdependent. Likewise, we teach resilience through sport and PE that is something that can only be fully achieved when a person is part of a supportive team.

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