Six Week Programme

Every school is different and unique and so we bespoke our programme to live out the vision in partnership with every headteacher. The programme lasts for six weeks and incorporates Christian values coaching through sport with the overarching vision of each school and particular focus on either all or particular core school values.

We are in school for one whole day between 8.45 – 3.15 and there is a special presentation on the last week.

Collective worship (CW) will be offered at the start of every day between 9.00 – 9.20 (this will be linked to the schools agreed vision and values) ahead of the PE lessons with a themed song. Special branded awards will be given to each child taking part on the last day of the programme during CW. These will be graded and for children to be awarded the higher grades they will encouraged to show evidence of linking the Christian values, understanding of the faith and sport together. School staff will encourage children to create drawings linking scripture/value/sport for a prominent wall display to showcase the project with photos and relevant scripture. Project Touchline will supply logos and examples of awards for reinforcing high expectations for display prominently.


Scripture linking the theme and values will be circulated to class teachers as a resource for consistency across each week. Every school will choose a recommended sport that links best with the values and wider PE timetable in school from Quicksticks Hockey, Rugby Union and Cricket (the emphasis will be on fun themed games and matches to live out the Christian values). An inspiring HD Video will be presented inking the Christian values with Collective Worship song and children learning and playing sport as well as examples of children’s work of excellence.