Planting hope and light

Growing Faith promotes a partnership between the three living communities of Church, School and Home to enable the discovery, exploration and growth of faith for all in those communities. Project Touchline has innovated and pioneered a new way of planting ‘Growing Faith’ clubs in every school that we work with through Sport, Christian Faith and Values.


We have commissioned a special set of Growing Faith activities by Rev Ronni Lamont, Faith and Nurture Advisor for the Diocese of Canterbury and successful author on Children’s Spirituality that go home with the children each week and mark all the major seasons of the church year. We plant the club during the six weeks we are in school and then a member of the local church, parent or student continues it forward from there. The resources and club link all three bubbles prayerfully together as one and allow children’s spirituality and faith to be kindled in exciting new and lasting ways. in some schools we have had over 30 KS1 and 30 KS2 children attend these new clubs.

We continue our support with each school and church beyond the six weeks we are in school.

Transition years

Children sometimes find it difficult growing their spirituality and faith through the transition years between primary and secondary schools. Our Growing Faith clubs can bridge the link between both educational settings providing security, stability, purpose and meaning in the choppy seas of transition between years 5, 6, 7 and 8.